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Mainnet Upgrade Announcement

There has been some big news coming out of the crypto market in the last few days, and it’s based around TRON (TRX). Recent reports are showing that TRON has been on the surge and has seen a 14% price increase. As of right now, it’s sat in 11th place on the list of cryptocurrencies, and all the evidence suggests it will soon break into the top 10 if things continue in this fashion.


What’s behind the TRON surge?

It’s common knowledge that a lot of coins have been on a downward path in the last few months. So, what’s the secret behind TRON and its impressive climb towards the top ten? As it happens, this surge came after a MainNet Upgrade.

On 8th October 2018, the founder or TRON stated that the MainNet had received an upgrade to Odyssey 3.1. Consequently, this saw a significant difference in how TRON performed in comparison to other popular cryptocurrencies. Primarily, it’s thought that the MainNet upgrade made TRON 200 times faster than Ethereum – with regards to the transaction per second rate. Not only that, but it’s also 100 times cheaper than EOS.

When you look at the current top 10 cryptocurrencies – as per CoinMarketCap – you see that TRX is moving in a significantly better direction than everyone else. The second best grower is Cardano, which saw an increase in 3.50% – during the same 24-hour period that saw TRON grow by over 14%.

Market experts say there is a clear reason TRON is moving in such a positive direction while everyone else struggles. Most of the top coins out there aren’t intent on doing anything to improve their product. They aren’t making any innovations or introducing new things to improve what’s already there. The majority of these coins have been around for a long time, and perhaps believe there’s no reason to improve as they’re already worth a fair bit. However, with TRON, you have an owner that’s focused on developing the technology and improving it. This will ultimately make it easier for the coin to continue its upward path.


What next for TRON?

In a market where dramatic price increases are getting rarer and rarer, it stands out when something like TRON makes a surge like this. What does the future hold for this cryptocurrency? Many people are tipping it to finish the year inside the top 10, possibly even pushing deeper than that. You only have to look at their price graph on CoinMarketCap to see how different it is to everyone else. All the other currencies in the top 10 have graphs that are fluctuating like crazy and seeing massive dips over the past week. With TRON, there’s a clear upward pattern as the graph continues in a lovely positive curve.

The crypto market hasn’t been particularly thrilling in the last few weeks compared to some weeks in the past. However, with this ambitious move by TRON, it could signify that big things are about to happen.

Do you think TRON will continue to increase in value and break into the top 10 within a few months? Or, is this merely another bubble waiting to burst? Let us know your thoughts.


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