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15 Bitcoin Facts

It has been depicted as the “cash of the web” and has viral prominence because of the sudden and sharp development in value.

Bitcoin needs no introduction. Enthusiasts of this crypto currency know about its extremely flighty nature.

In this post we bring to you some of our best 15 Bitcoin actualities that you may not know about it.  Be prepared to have your mind blown! These are the most imperative and intriguing Bitcoin actualities which ought to ideally give you a fundamental understanding of the cryptocurrency.

1. Bitcoin founder is known, but unknown

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the unknown originator of Bitcoin. The pseudonym is all that we know and that (s)he is in charge of outlining and designing the whole undertaking. It could be the name of a one-man army or a team of experts, but whoever it is, their assessed worth is $16.5 billion in Bitcoin and they were named for a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2015.

2. Bitcoin is in limited quantity

The person or group behind Bitcoin set a predefined measure of Bitcoin before the task was finished, which is 21 million. This number is gradually being drawn nearer and it is getting harder to ‘mine’ new Bitcoin every day.

3. ‘Mining’ is the procedure to make Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is similar to mining gold. There is a limited quantity of gold and the more it is mined, the harder and resource-intensive it is to discover; same is the case with Bitcoin.

4. The wallets of the FBI are filled with Bitcoin

Indeed, the FBI has one of the largest Bitcoin wallets, period. At the time when the dark web marketplace for drugs called Silk Road was closed down, they seized its proprietor’s possessions which consisted of a Bitcoin wallet too. The wallet is accounted for to be worth over 100 million USD.

5. Bitcoin was initially exchanged for pizza

Two pizzas costing $25 were brought for 10,000 Bitcoin in May 2010 and the estimation of it was around the $150 million score in January 2018. After all, pizza conquers it all!

6. 500 of the most capable supercomputers cannot beat the power of Bitcoin

Bitcoin system has a registering power of 2,046,364 Pflop/s, say the specialists of it. Sad and surprising enough, if this number contrasted with the processing power of the world’s most intense supercomputers, the result came out to be 274 Pflop/s.

7. Bitcoin is thoroughly anonymous

Discovering the particulars of individuals who you trade Bitcoin with is impossible. A 3r characteristic alphanumeric address is used to send Bitcoin which can’t be tracked.

8. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible

You must be certain and focused when making a Bitcoin transfer because the exchanges are unalterable.

9. It made people affluent

Kristoffer Koch, a Norwegian, put $28USD into Bitcoin and forgot. Upon recollection, its esteem was worth more than $825,000 and this is just one case of thousands.

10. Wallet lost is wallet gone

On the off chance that you lose your Bitcoin wallet, it’s gone, period. It is assessed that 64% of Bitcoin has never and will never be utilized along these lines.

11. Bitcoin isn’t something a single entity controls

Bitcoin is not governed by a single entity, unlike national currencies. It is controlled by everyone who uses Bitcoin.

12. It is totally transparent

Bitcoin is transparent; you can see every single exchange of it on blockchain and this is the reason masses trust it.

13. No virtual fee on transactions

With Bitcoin, there are no exchange charges and it is sent swiftly. No holding up periods by any stretch of the imagination.

14. Bitcoin has a dull and doubtful past

It was largely used on the dark web for unlawful exchanges. A mainstream case of this was “The Assassination Market” where if you know the exact date of the death of someone, you’d gain.

15. Its legal status varies

A few nations transparently encourage Bitcoin, and there are others which don’t. There is a list online which mirrors every nation’s individual position on the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin may have a confounding touch, but it is genuine money with which you can buy genuine things. 

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