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Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with Buy and Trade Crypto

Arising from classic Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is a Crypto Currency that was created in late 2017. This new Crypto Currency has increased the size of blocks, which has allowed for more transactions to be processed more quickly.

Since it was launched, there were queries about Bitcoin’s ability to ‘scale’ effectively. The issue with Bitcoin is that it’s somewhat slow, much slower than bank transfers, for example. Bitcoin Cash was introduced to change this, to speed up the process of transactions and make Bitcoin as a brand a more effective form of finance.


Why choose Buy and Trade Crypto?

It’s safe, easy and accessible

Buy and Trade Crypto makes it simple and safe to trade Crypto Currencies, including Bitcoin Cash in the United Kingdom.

Access to personal account support

Our clients can rely on us to offer around-the-clock customer service, which include any help or support regarding Crypto Currency investment, from a professional and experienced personal account manager.

Registration is quick and easy

The registration process that we use is quick and easy, and one of the simplest on the market. We ensure that once you’ve signed up, you can begin trading the same day, often within the same hour. Loading your GBP account is simply done via bank transfer, you can then begin to benefit from our full services.

We offer two options – buy and sell

Our users not only have the choice of a wide range of coins to choose from, but we also offer the choice of both buying and selling. In addition to this, not only do we make it easy to buy and sell Crypto Currencies, we also allow users to trade Crypto Currencies.


Bitcoin Cash FAQs

How easy is it to make a payment with Bitcoin Cash?

Making a Bitcoin Cash payment is fast, secure and extremely convenient. There’s no need to share any sensitive details, such as bank card information, all you need to do is select the ‘pay from my wallet’ button on your digital wallet app. To use your Bitcoin Cash, you need to withdraw it from The Exchange and place it in your wallet app, then you can use it however you want to.

These payments are far easier to make than debit or credit card purchases and can be sent and received without a merchant account, as they do not pass through a traditional bank. You can make payments via a wallet on your smartphone or computer. You simply enter the address of the recipient’s wallet, the payment amount, and then press send. It’s simple, quick and safe.

How is the price of Bitcoin Cash determined?

The price that Bitcoin Cash has is not the same as the value it holds. Its price is determined by a market that focuses on means of supply and demand. This is done in the same way that the price for any investment or commodity is worked out.

What’s the best digital wallet for holding Bitcoin Cash?

There are plenty of digital wallets to choose from, the best, however, are Myetherwallet and Exodus. These are the wallets that tend to be the best fit for the Bitcoin Cash system.

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