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Buy Stellar (XLM) with Buy and Trade Crypto

A distributed blockchain based ledger, the Stellar network facilities transfers of various values, including payments. You may hear Stellar being reffered to as Lumens (XLM), this is because this is the native digital asset of Stellar. In simplistic terms, Stella is the payment network while Lumens (XLM) is the cryptocurrency. Both are run by a non-profit called


What are the main benefits of Stellar? 

The stellar network is what’s called an open source, community-owned network that can be used to process ‘cross-asset transfers’ of varying values. Unlike Ethereum, it cannot handle all software types, but it is one of the few choices for ICOs aside from using Ethereum.

As can Ripple, Stellar is able to manage exchanges between ‘fiat-based’ currencies and also between different cryptocurrencies. Another benefit of Stellar is that it has low fees, each transaction comes with a minor fee.

An added bonus of the Stellar network is that it offers faster speeds than its rival Ripple when it comes to transactions. is a centralized system like that of Ripple, which means that it can handle both cross-platform and microtransactions easily, just like Ripple can.

However, what gives Stellar the edge is that unlike Ripple, it is non-profit and the fact that the platform is open source and is completely decentralized. This gives it the added bonus of being more like a ‘traditional’ company that is able to network with other companies but also has that open source, and community-owned feel that Ethereum and Bitcoin have.

Competitive with other Crypto Currencies on various levels, Stellar is only in direct competition with certain currencies, these include Ethereum and Ripple, both for different reasons. The difference being of course, that Stellar is a far cheaper currency to purchase which shows how much it is in demand.


Why choose Buy and Trade Crypto?

It’s safe, easy and accessible

Buy and Trade Crypto makes it simple and safe to trade Crypto Currencies, including Stellar in the United Kingdom. Our website makes purchasing this Crypto Currency simple and straightforward; within a few hours of creating an account, you can make your first purchase and start trading your currencies.

Access to personal account support

Our clients can rely on us to offer around-the-clock customer service, which includes any help or support regarding Crypto Currency investment, from a professional and experienced personal account manager.

Registration is quick and easy

The registration process that we use is quick and easy, and one of the simplest on the market. We ensure that once you’ve signed up, you can begin trading the same day, often within the same hour. Loading your GBP account is simply done via bank transfer, you can then begin to benefit from our full services.

We offer two options – buy and sell

Our users not only have the choice of a wide range of coins to choose from, but we also offer the choice of both buying and selling. In addition to this, not only do we make it easy to buy and sell Crypto Currencies, we also allow users to trade Crypto Currencies.

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