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Cardano Partnership With Metaps Plus

Metaps Plus, one of South Korea’s top mobile payment platforms, has announced a partnership with Cardano ADA. The platform is now accepting Cardano as payment. As the first Asian mobile payment platform to accept digital currencies, Metaps Plus has been at the forefront of crypto payments and continues to stay ahead.

The new partnership was announced by Ken Kodama, who is the CEO or Emurgo, the Japanese blockchain startup incubator that will be integrating Cardano ADA and Metaps Plus. He said about the partnerships that it “will allow Ada to expand more rapidly” and eventually be recognized as a new payment method in the Korean market.

Metaps Plus is one of the largest payment platforms in South Korea. It is responsible for 10 million mobile to offline payments across 40,000 stores in the country. The partnership will integrate ADA tokens into the platform, with the adoption date projected for Q3 2018. The deal is significant for both parties, particularly for Emurgo, who is taking a no-holds-barred approach to pushing for expansion of Cardano and acceptance of Ada as a legitimate payment method. Cardano is continuing to grow its reputation in the cryptocurrency market, and the new adoption of ADA will give South Koreans better access to an up and coming coin.

The Metaps Plus CEO, Kim Seungyeon, had this to say about the partnership:

“I am very excited to partner with EMURGO integrating ADA coin into Korea’s one of the biggest mobile payment platforms. We are simply focused on delivering incremental sales and value to our offline and platform partners along with Ada coin owners.”

Meanwhile, Cardano Foundation CEO Michael Parsons expanded on the benefits of the partnership, saying:

“The adoption of Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency token by Metaps Plus means immediate digital payments or settlements, with little to no fraud, can soon take place in Korea, a country that has a pioneering history of innovation and early adoption of new technologies.”

Cardano will continue to push for growth, especially now that its coins will be available to a huge market that has experienced an estimated 1 billion mobile app downloads. Cardano has been very busy with new updates, their latest research and releasing formal specifications for a wallet, which they believe has not been done before. They will soon be launching two Test Nets, which are set to begin at the end of May.

The ADA/USD exchange rate has been experiencing a downturn recently, but ADA has been increasing in value over the past month or two overall. Today’s price is $0.2561, but the 24-hour high was $0.3206. The dip in value is to be expected, after a 64% rise in the last 30 days and 16% in the last 60 days. Of course, dips in the value offer opportunities for people to buy in and wait for the next upward trend. Cardano has been battling against Litecoin for the 6th spot on the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies by the overall market cap. Cardano currently sites in 7th place.

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