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Cashbet Crypto

CashBet continues to detail their plans to expand the market of crypto, in part thanks to mainstream partnerships supporting their new cryptocurrency, CashBet Coin. But Mike Reaves, the chief executive and co-founder of CashBet, has announced the recruitment of three more experienced members of their company’s advisory board.

The three new hires include Charlie Shrem, one of the leading crypto investors and an entrepreneur who was amongst the first to support Bitcoin. He’s joined by Matteo Monteverdi, who was senior vice-president of global digital products at IGT, a multinational gaming company. Finally, Daniel Phillips, previously head of operations at Playtech, a gambling software development company, is joining the board.


A new pedigree at CashBet

Bringing together an expertise in cryptocurrencies, digital gaming, and software development, the three new additions bring a new level of experience with them to CashBet. All three are considered true leaders in their field. Charlie Shrem brings with him a pedigree of crypto insights, while both Daniel Phillips and Matteo Monteverdi have years of experience with iGaming, the industry that CashBet Coin was specifically built for. This experience comes with histories with some of the most established operators and suppliers in the industry, meaning that CashBet’s reach and influence could be about to expand significantly.


The future of iGaming and CashBet

The future plans for CashBet include a greater focus on regulated markets, spurred in part with the potential of re-regulation in Sweden fast approaching. As such, they are moving ahead with license application in Sweden for 2019, as well as a pending license with the Gambling Supervision Commission. Following those developments, they plan to continue with the development and launch of crypto-enabled iGaming throughout the globe.

“Online gambling is a space that’s ripe for disruption. CashBet has an ambitious plan to couple a crypto-enabled software platform with state-of-the-art original iGaming content to provide crypto casino operators with a true one-stop solution. I’m especially excited because CashBet is one of very few crypto players that is fully licensed and regulated by top tier gambling jurisdictions. They’re really trying to legitimize the crypto casino experience,” said Shrem in CashBet’s latest press release


The rise of CashBet

CashBet’s global aims made headline news in June, when the gaming platform, powered entirely by blockchain, made a $38 million ICO (or initial coin offering) using CashBet coin. This was the biggest iGaming ICO in history at the time, with a hard cap of 142,975,000 tokens created during the progress. With the cash raised, CashBet is working to create the world’s first crypto-ready mobile gaming platform to provide not only a method of payment but also VIP management services and world-class crypto-enabled games.

With participants from more than 100 countries and a focus on compliant, user-friendly iGaming solutions, CashBet attracted a lot of mainstream attention and has made huge partnerships with the likes of, Greentube, Imperial Play, and even the English Premier League football club, Arsenal.

CashBet continues to aim to provide a feature-rich platform that allows developers and gaming sites to legally launch gambling games without the need of their own license with compliance automatically built in.

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