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Crypto Wallet Abra Europe

Every cryptocurrency investor knows that the choice of wallet and exchange service is almost as significant as finding the right crypto coins to buy and sell. Crypto wallet Abra has taken a huge step towards becoming a more universally loved service by actively welcoming more European customers. It is a move that could see the already popular wallet become one of the biggest on the planet.

This could be great news for customers around the world as well as those in Europe. Here’s the lowdown on the latest development.


Easier Deposits For European Investors

The Californian financial services company has enjoyed a strong presence throughout the United States and parts of Asia ever since launching in 2014. However, restrictions over deposits and general accessibility have made it difficult for Alba to achieve any real success in the European market. That is all about to change.

Abra’s decision to open the new European bank accounts channel is a game-changer for anyone living in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) regions and throughout the European Union. Customers from those countries can now deposit € and other European currencies directly into their Abra accounts before turning it into Bitcoin for their digital wallets.

While it sounds a little complex, the process is very simple and smooth while transactions from BTC to any of the 28 other digital coins is equally simple. The list includes Monero, Ripple, and Litecoin among others.

The Abra service is also available through a responsive smartphone App, on both iOS and Android, which gives users complete control over their cryptocurrency investments and will never need to miss out on trading opportunities again. This is added to the low fees for a largely positive trading experience.


Which Countries Can Use Abra?

SEPA permits residents of all E.U countries to make international payments and transactions while Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, and Switzerland also enables its residents to do the same. This means that the Abra wallet can be used by investors across vast parts of Europe.

Abra has consciously tried to adapt its model for this market, with CEO Bill Barhydt confirming that the company is working with Coinify as its first partner for European-based activities to make deposits, withdrawals, and banking activities a very simple task.

On a separate note, Abra has also introduced the ability to deposit Bitcoin Cash directly into accounts. This option is open to all clients across the globe, supporting the existing opportunities to deposit either Bitcoin or Litecoin. This comes in a year that has already seen HCM International (Foxconn’s venture subsidiary), Ignia, and Silver8 Capital added to its list of investors.

For a company that is approaching an incredibly important stage of its journey, the European venture is sure to have a truly telling impact indeed.


Final Thoughts

Arba is already one of the biggest and most trusted crypto wallet and exchange platforms on the market. As it increases its presence in Europe, its authority in the market is only set to grow.

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