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Google, Ethereum Blockchain

Following use of exponential growth, blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrency are now very much a part of the mainstream vernacular while Ethereum is undoubtedly one of the best-known and most popular coins and blockchain technologies. As millions of finance enthusiasts try to discover more, Google has stepped up to the plate by actively allowing its users to explore and analyze Ethereum with greater ease than ever before.

The search engine giant has done this via BigQuery. Here’s what it is, and how it can help users learn more about the history of Ethereum’s blockchain technology.


BigQuery At A Glance

Launched in May 2010 before being made public one year later, BigQuery is a RESTful web service that works with Google Storage to enable users the chance to analyze large datasets on an interactive level. After the data has been uploaded, users are able to set parameters so that the programme displays the most appropriate information and metrics.

BigQuery is an incredible platform for analysis, and the addition of Ethereum’s historical data is designed to put new and long-term enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency and blockchain tech in a far stronger position.


Why Did Google Add Ethereum To The BigQuery Platform?

The short answer is quite simply that the demand is there.

Ever since the early days of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been the number one coin on the market, but Ethereum has been second on the list for several years now. Moreover, it is one of the most attractive options for new investors that have already missed the Bitcoin boat while the blockchain technology itself is incredibly insightful for investors as well as those that merely want to know more about the tech.

Given that there is a lot of information readily available from a host of other sources, many users find that Ethereum is the perfect option for dipping their toes into the market. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Google has added the data relating to its history to the BigQuery platform.


What Has Google’s BigQuery Data Analysis Discovered?

The BigQuery data looks at a host of factors relating to large datasets, and Ethereum is no different. It goes far beyond the basic idea of tracking the financial progress of the cryptocurrency itself and analyzes the types of transactions handled by the blockchain platform.

The main smart contract for CryptoKitties, 0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d, has been uncovered as the most frequent ERC-721 smart contract on the Ethereum platform. However, a wide range of tokens are distributed on the platform while BigQuery continues to track transaction activity in an interactive manner, monitoring popularity over set time frames as well as the entire history of the platform.

It is also shown that the open source contracts show that common function names often carry a common signature.


Is BigQuery’s Ethereum Data Worthwhile

While the platform itself relies on simplicity, it gives users a great chance to gain an advanced understanding of Ethereum (along with other big datasets). From new enthusiasts to seasoned investors, the tool is a worthy addition to your arsenal.


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