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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a smart investor needs a diverse portfolio that enables them to recoup significant dividends from commodities which are doing well while insulating them from risk when those commodities encounter hard times. This is as true for crypto investors as it is for anyone else. While Litecoin, Etherium Monero and of course Bitcoin may feature heavily in any crypto investor’s portfolio, those who have been in the crypto game for more than a year have likely heard rumblings when it comes to Verge. Here we’ll look at the recent rumblings surrounding this new kid on the block and look at some of the reasons why now may be a good time to start adding more Verge to your portfolio.


Stepping up to the big leagues 

Verge has been a relatively minor player until fairly recently. Late last year, antivirus software giant John Mcafee’s made an astute prediction that Verge would be stepping up to the big leagues in 2018. Indeed, Mcafee predicted that Verge would trade at $15 by half way through this year. While time has proven his prediction more than a little on the optimistic side, that is certainly not to take away from Verge’s potential.

Verge traded at over $0.2 in the recent cryptocurrency market boom this summer, before dropping back down to its current price of $0.1. As market analysts predict a new period of growth, stability and evolution for cryptocurrencies, Verge’s current rate is perfect for investors who intends to load their portfolios with affordable digital assets with great potential.


Addressing security concerns

Security concerns have long worried cautious investors who think twice about building a crypto portfolio or supplementing their investments with crypto. Many dislike the way in which the anonymity of crypto allows criminals to engage in illegal activities on the dark web. However, Verge has an outstanding way of dealing with these security concerns.

To counter security concerns from would-be investors, Verge XVG has come up with options whether each transaction should be made private or public. This function makes it stand out amidst competing cryptocurrencies, making it easier to regulate, which in turn can accelerate its price movement. What’s more, Verge is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies on the market right now making it a credible prospect for even the most skeptical of investors.


The economics of Verge

Any economics student will tell you that supply and demand are two of the largest factors in determining the worth of a commodity. The total current supply of Verge is around 15 billion and has all been mined. Why so little? According to Verge’s website, the total supply has been limited to 15 billion in order to prevent market manipulation by large coin holders. Since this means that supply has now been capped, it stands to reason that Verge’s value will increase in direct proportion to demand.

In this case, since Verge’s total supply has been exhausted, it is likely just a matter of time before its trading value increases. this price increase to take place.

Time is of the essence here, in more ways than one. Verge has one of the fastest transaction speeds of any cryptocurrency, making it more open to institutional use. It is also extremely responsive to price changes, meaning that its value may raise much less sluggishly than that of its peers.

Thus, it can be concluded that now is a great time to add Verge to your portfolio.


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