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German Stock Exchange

Recently, a German stock exchange announced their plans to develop a platform for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that will eventually turn into a host for multilateral cryptocurrency trading. Stuttgart Böurse is the second largest stock exchange in Germany and has big plans to shake up the crypto trading industry.

Stuttgart Böurse is currently one of the largest major exchange platforms in the world with a trading volume of over €80 billion. The creation of an ICO platform and a crypto trading platform will help give the exchange more exposure and reach thanks to new options that will help it integrate with cryptocurrency markets in Germany and the rest of Europe.

ICOs are an alternative method of fundraising for cryptocurrency and blockchain startups and have become popular over the past couple of months. They’re fundamentally a new way of raising capital for new projects and startups that can help entrepreneurs follow in the footsteps of digital currency giants such as Bitcoin and Ether. It allows a startup to skip the venture capital process and is similar to something such as kickstarter.

Cryptocurrency topics have become hot topics of discussion lately. With industries moving towards cryptocurrency platforms and utilizing blockchain technology in many different ways, this move from Stuttgart Böurse makes sense to bring the German stock exchange platform into the modern era.

The ICO platform will boast a number of different functions, such as issuing tokens to regulation ownership and financing. CEO of Stuttgart Böurse, Alexander Höptner, had this to say about the new ICO platform:

“Demand from both retail and institutional investors for a regulated and reliable environment for trading with cryptocurrencies. At the trading venue tokens issued via our ICO platform can be traded on the secondary market. This is an important success factor for ICOs. Böurse aims to provide central services along the value chain for digital assets, all under one roof.”

This aims to straighten out the ICO climate in Germany and could give investors new opportunities to invest in ICO’s in a safe and regulated environment that can protect their investments. It can also vet those who are currently offering ICO’s on the platform too, so everyone will get to experience the benefits from this new development.

Stuttgart Böurse’s foray into the ICO and cryptocurrency industries could have the potential to reduce crime and fraud rates. This could even lead to a future of regulated ICO and cryptocurrency trading across Germany, and it could influence other parts of Europe as well.

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