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Our managed investment service is beneficial for both the novice and experienced investor. We have put together a team of seasoned professionals that work around the clock to grow your portfolio. Our analysts look at the technology behind the currencies and tokens we invest in providing you with a longer term growth strategy and our traders research the current chart patterns for short term growth giving us the perfect mix to provide you with strong, consistent growth.

Investment categories

In order for us to manage your money effectively and make trades on your behalf, we need to identify the level of risk you are willing to take on investments. Our seasoned and skilled traders can implement a number of strategies on the trades they execute according to your preferences.

With cryptocurrency trading, there are typically three levels of risk: Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk. Each level of risk comes with different strategies, which are outlined below:

  • Low Risk

If you are happy with slow growth and want to keep your investment as safe as possible, a low risk strategy is best. We won’t recommend trades in aggressive market conditions but this means the probability of earning quick profits will decrease. Any losses you do incur will be minimal.

  • Medium Risk

If you want faster growth than a low risk strategy but are not willing or do not have the capital to support high risk trading, this is the right choice for you. Medium risk strategies trade in markets at a moderate level, providing good stability in your portfolio.

  • High Risk

If you want to make big profits and have the capital flexibility to hedge and recover when needed, you can go for a high risk strategy. But as you would expect, large losses are a distinct possibility, meaning high risk strategies should only be implemented by our expert traders.



Contact Us - Invest

Step 1

Submit an application form

Please use the form at the top of the page to express an interest in our managed investment service.

Step 2

Call with a Portfolio manager

One of our portfolio managers will call you to discuss your goals and risk appetite as well as the different investment opportunities available.

Step 3

Complete the application process

If you would like to proceed you can come down to our office in central London or have a virtual meeting over skype to complete the application process

Step 4

Your Account Manager will remain in constant contact with you

Regular updates on the growth of your investments, advice on when to withdraw, reinvest or terminate your investments and recommendations about new investments based on existing portfolio and market developments.

Tailor-made solutions

Our bespoke service means you will receive up-to-date advice and information based on your own objectives, portfolio choices, and risk appetite. As a result, you can make informed decisions about every crypto investment.

Complete asset protection

Funds will always remain in your account thanks to our safe and secure trading platforms.

Fully processed transactions

With your permission, we will execute our recommended transactions for you, which are then visible on our view-only platform.

Totally secure holdings

Securing any cryptocurrency holding can be complicated in terms of administration and logistics. However, our industry leading security practices mean you can rest assured your crypto coins will remain protected.

Personal account manager

Who can guide you through the complexities of crypto and maintain portfolio performance for the best margins possible.

100% transparency

We will keep you up-to-date with the latest market conditions and let you know whenever profitable trades are possible.

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