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A video was recently uploaded by XRP Coin Crypto News, showing an interview with David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple. The interview focused mainly on Schwartz’s vision for Ripple, and where he sees Ripple in the next five years. Schwartz was asked multiple questions regarding Ripple’s usage and future, but also about his involvement with Ripple’s development and upcoming technical challenges that he expects to run into.


Schwartz’s Most Memorable and Most Difficult Moment at Ripple

Schwartz started working with Ripple many years ago in November 2011. He says that working with Ripple has been a “crazy ride” and also mentioned that his best moment at Ripple is right now. Seeing Ripple explode in popularity and garner so much attention has made it a “mind-blowing” experience that he couldn’t have envisioned when he first started. With so much recognition from the community and news outlets all over the world covering Ripple, it’s easy to see why Schwartz would feel so overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Ripple has also endured many problems over the years including lawsuits. Schwartz explains a couple of the hardships that he has faced over the years, but ends on a positive note by saying that he’s “extremely excited” for future developments and challenges.


Where Will Ripple Be in Ten Years Time?

Schwartz states that it’s hard to predict timings, especially with something that can fluctuate so wildly as crypto. He says that “We’re at five years now and obviously five years ago there was basically nothing, so it’s hard to figure where we would get to in five years.”.

Schwartz points out that he would love to see inner Ledger (Ripple’s protocol for atomic cross ledger payments) being used with XRP. In five years, Schwartz can see that much being accomplished but doesn’t comment much more on where he expects Ripple to be in ten years. It’s understandable that Schwartz is reserved with this question, and it seems that he has many plans for the future of Ripple.


Upcoming Technical Challenges for XRP

Schwartz has shown that he is incredibly proud of his team at XRP. In the interview, he explains that the latest technical challenge for his team mainly involves building an ecosystem around XRP. He says “in that area, we still do have a lot of challenges yet to complete”. While there are many upcoming challenges, much of the framework has largely been finished.


Will XRP become liquid enough to be an intermediary currency between other coins, similar to Bitcoin?

Schwarz mentions that Ripple is focused on doing one thing and doing it well. He says, “We have focused on doing one things and doing it really well and that is settling payments that’s building out a payment network that’s compliant that financial institutions (banks) and corporations can use.”.

For now, it seems that Schwarz’s focus for XRP is to work on compliance so that more banks and corporations are willing to utilize Ripple, and has plans to see this realized in the next five years.

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