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Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with Buy and Trade Crypto

After setting up in 2017, Bitcoin Cash became an incredibly popular fork of the original cryptocurrency. Don’t let the name fool you, Bitcoin cash is still a cryptocurrency and is entirely digital. The hard fork changed the crypto game, and we’re pleased to say you can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash using our solution.


Bitcoin Cash Sales Explained

If you’re curious about how to buy Bitcoin Cash, we’re pleased to say that the process is very simple. You can start with a credit or debit card. Either can be used to purchase Bitcoin Cash from our website. We can also set up a wired transfer if this is more suitable. Once you’re ready to buy, select Bitcoin Cash from our list of coins. Sign in, and you will immediately be able to make a purchase from the site. You will be able to check the current value of Bitcoin cash and how much you can get for your fiat.

Purchasing Bitcoin Cash requires transferring it into your E-Wallet. This transfer can be quick and will only take up to three hours. If you don’t have an E-Wallet yet, you can choose from either a hardware wallet or a software solution.

Both choices have their benefits however Electron Cash is one of the best desktop and mobile wallets available. One of the benefits of this wallet is that it allows you to back it up using a mnemonic seed phrase. Mimicking a true HD wallet.


Keeping Bitcoin Cash Purchases Secure

There are various ways we ensure that the Bitcoin Cash purchase you make is secure. We ask for KYC details that can be used to confirm your identity. This can be documented to confirm your address, your name, and your birth date. Once these documents are provided, we can approve the transaction, and the purchased money will appear in your chosen wallet.

Bitcoin Cash, like all cryptocurrency, is mined. Mining is the method of verifying a transaction and adding it to the blockchain. Through mining, you do not need to worry about a potentially fraudulent transaction. Mining involves individuals solving computational puzzles and putting recent transactions into blocks. Working as a minor, it is possible to receive new cryptocurrency when it is released or a variety of other incentives including full payment.


Selling Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash can be sold easily using our service. If you have Bitcoin Cash in a wallet like Electron Cash, you can then use our sell option. You can find this on the Bitcoin Cash page on our site. Once you have signed in, you will be able to see the value you will receive from the amount of Bitcoin Cash that you want to sell.

Clicking sell and approving the sale will immediately result in a completed transaction.


Determining When It’s Time To Sell

To understand when to sell Bitcoin Cash, you need to know what impacts the price. Unlike other currencies, the value of crypto such as Bitcoin Cash is only impacted by the the processes of the currency itself. This means that you don’t need to worry about outside variables impacting value. This makes knowing when to sell and when to hold simple for investors.

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