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Sell Ripple (XRP) with Buy and Trade Crypto

Ripple is highly successful cryptocurrency. In 2017, this crypto saw the largest growth with a massive 36,000% increase. Unlike, other cryptos, this currency has been embraced by banks. Indeed, it is due to partnerships with banks that this cryptocurrency has reached such fantastic heights on the market today.

When you buy and sell Ripple, you want it to be fast and easy. We can help there, providing the ability to buy, sell and trade into any coin at the click of a button, by exchanging your fiat that you load into the account.


Buying Ripple

Buying Ripple could not be simpler. You can start by choosing your Bitcoin on BuyandTradeCrypto. In this, case, that’s Ripple. You can then choose your desired amount in GBP. After you have chosen the amount simply choose to pay by a debit or credit card. If you need to, we can also arrange a wire transfer.


Buying With Ripple

Once you have transferred Ripple to your digital wallet, you can easily make a payment. You can do this from a computer or smartphone. All you need is the wallet address of the receiver and the amount you want to pay. Press send, and the transaction will be complete. New tech now allows you to scan a QR code making the process even simpler.


 Choosing A Digital Wallet

There are a variety of digital wallets that you can use to hold your Ripple currency.. However, to use a Ripple Wallet, you will need to have 20XRP. As such, it is recommended you choose one wallet for Ripple, and one possibility would be the Ledger Nano S. Providing great security, it’s completely portable, and it is easy to use. Alternatively, Toast Wallet is a completely free open-source XRP wallet. It’s simple and highly secure.


How Long Does It Take To Load Ripple On To Your Wallet?

It takes between 1 and 3 hours to load ripple. This does depend on the time it takes to approve KYC documents. This security check is for your benefit, and once you have been approved, your purchased XRP will be transferred to your wallet.


Can You Make A Payment Without KYC Documents?

KYC documents are a necessary precaution to keep your finances secure. Without the necessary KYC documents, we can not complete payments for you.


Choosing A Time To Buy And A Time To Sell

Knowing when to sell or buy ripple is all about watching the price of the currency. If the price of Ripple is falling and you bought at the current price you should not sell. This will result in a loss. However, if you bought it at a lower price, you should sell to avoid a loss. It really is that simple.


Selling Ripple

Selling is fast and simple using our service. You can even place an order to sell your Ripple once it reaches a certain price point. By doing this, you can make sure that you sell at the right time when the transaction will still be profitable.

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