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Top 5 Crypto Coins Of The Week

Here are five crypto currencies that have grown the most in mid-March 2018.

  1. W3Coin (W3C)

W3Coin’s recent popularity is a strange one. Along with recent growth, its development goes back to 2015, making it one of the most well-established altcoins on this list.

What’s more, W3Coin has teamed up with a company called XcellTrip to publicise its potential as a payment solution in the tourism sector. Recent photographs on its website even show promotional events that took place in countries such as India and Korea.

However, the XcellTrip page is not available, while several links on the W3Coin website go nowhere.  There is no active forum on BitcoinTalk either.

  1. HollyWoodCoin (HWC)

Announced in November 2017 as a PoS crypto offering 48 per cent yearly interest, HollyWoodCoin has enjoyed impressive growth in the past week. This not withstanding the fact that hardly any information about it exists.

HollyWoodCoin aims to solve the financial problems the film industry faces when working with people from different locations. It also wants to create a transparent environment in Hollywood to avoid money laundering and tax evasion.

While the developer says it has negotiated contracts with companies such as 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios, and Focus Features, some remain sceptical over HollyWoodCoin’s long-term future.

  1. eBitcoin (EBTC)

According to its website, “eBitcoin is a community-driven crypto ecosystem where the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum meet.” It essentially an ERC20 token under the Ethereum network that behaves similarly to Bitcoin.

The eBitcoin team wants to build an ecosystem comprising apps, entertainment ware, tools, gateways, and other technical revolutions in which its the circulating payment method.

Due to these appealing ideals alongside an active BitcoinTalk thread and continually growing ecosystem, eBitcoin is gaining traction and motivating investors.

  1. StrikeBitClub (SBC)

StrikeBitClub is all about versatility, offering a hybrid Pos/PoW mining system supported by SHA 256 and SHA3-512 algorithms. According to its BitcoinTalk thread, this is a strategic decision:

“The combination of PoS and PoW algorithms is a key aspect of SBC Coin’s architecture. PoW deters cyber attacks, thereby enhancing the coin’s security. PoS allows miners to have incentives to provide consensus solutions for blockchain transactions.”

StrikeBitClub also promises 20-second confirmation blocks and debit cards issuance while seeking to transform cypto from non-physical to physical.

  1. Lympo (LYM)

Lympo has a very interesting and serious mission – to monetise sports and health data via blockchain technology. As its whitepaper explains:

“The usage of mobile health (mHealth) apps and wearables is ever-growing. More than 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information on their phone. However, the users generating this data cannot aggregate, share and monetise it. The Lympo ecosystem resolves this problem.”

But in spite of a potentially lucrative market that has brought about notable growth over the past week, Lympo still has a long way to go, especially since the mechanism it relies upon needs a significant amount of funding and collaborative power.

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